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Yes, I admit it. I have been really bad on bloggin lately as also with most of anything else regarding duties… I am still adapting the wedding pictures and also some other shootings I’ve done. – Just stay tuned. They will be ready very soon.

And now the true reason for my bad mood which is very simple. As most of you may know, I am unfortunately not a fulltime phtographer, even tough this is my big dream which hopefully may come true in the near future. This means most of the week days I stay in an office and work as a communications coordinator. I liked my job (yes, I use past tense). I’ve learned so much during the past few years especially design wise and also how the business world is running and I am truly thankful for all the experiences I made. But there is a big, huge, large BUT, the company changed extremely during the time since I’ve started working. And honestly it was not too much fun working there anymore. Fortunately or unfortunately due to some sad circumstances I have to find a new job… So as you can imagine my focus was a little disturbed and I needed a moment to gain back to myself. If anyone needs a creative, savvy, sarcastic geek, just let me know.

Other than that: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sister. She is turning 15 today. I wish you all the best and may all your dreams come true. Just remember to reach them you must start working on them. Don’t let anyone or anything come inbetween. Just follow your heart. And as a little sneak, that’s one gift you will get tonight…

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