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something old, something borrowed and something blue – is what they say the bride should wear on her wedding day. But I have to say way more important is to be as personal and individual to still fit YOUR personality and not just do something because it is the usual.

Because sometimes the expected/normal is just not fitting. I am very happy that this couple did do this and decided that the usual church/park photos were just not it. So they have choosen to do their Bridal photos at a special location. To be exact, at the same location they also did their couple shooting in spring – the industrial area just around the corner of my home.

I have to say, I just totally fell in love how the pictures turned out! They are for sure something special and perfectly fit their personalities. I can only recommend each and every couple to really think hard and long about where they want to do their wedding pictures. If the location really suits you the output of the shooting is way more personal and extraordinary than you could ever think of. And I am sure not only the couple will treasure their personal pictures even more… Enough talked now have a look yourself how wonderful the pictures turned out: