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What’zzzz up?

Actually there is not too much up at the moment. I am really looking forward to the wedding which I will shoot in two weeks together with my husband. This will be exciting and a huge challenge. But I am confident that we will get niiiice pictures.

I read Harry Potter last weekend and love it. I think beside book 1 this is the best one. J.K. Rowling you rule! The only sad thing after the long waiting is that there will be no sequel, but I also believe it is better to end at one point than to write and end with just blah.

Other than this I started serius blog stalking, lol. Especially [b]eckers and Jessica Claires blog. There is just so much valuable information on their blogs that I am addicted. And they and their friends are just such awesome photogs. Just pure inspiration heaven for little Miss Linder.